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Working at Capgemini

Already spotted an interesting job opening? Or does a particular field appeal to you? No doubt you are also curious as to what Capgemini can offer you in that case. That is why we are pleased to tell you more about who we are, what we do and what you can expect of us.

About Capgemini

Capgemini is the world’s largest service provider for consultancy, technology and outsourcing. But how did Capgemini actually come into being? Who do we work for? And what are our core values? You can read all of this in “About Capgemini.

Our people

An interesting position and good employee benefits are of course important factors in choosing a new job. But equally important, or perhaps even more important, is the atmosphere at an organization. Because it is only in a pleasant working environment that you can really perform your best. Are you curious about the working atmosphere at Capgemini? And what kind of activities we participate in outside of working hours? Then by all means, keep reading.

Growth & development

We believe that our success is achieved and supported by our employees and their expertise. That is why from your first working day onwards, we support you in developing your competences and capacities. For instance, with our All-you-can-train program, the Capgemini Academy, Capgemini University and Advantage You. You can read more about all our training opportunities in “Growth & development.”

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Every day we help various large clients with their digital transformation. But we also want to use our digital skills to give back to society. For example, in relation to sustainability and the environment, by creating a fine working atmosphere or by contributing positively to non-profit organizations. Want to know more? Then by all means, read our CSR strategy.

Employee benefits

We offer an extensive package of employee benefits at Capgemini. The beauty of this package is that it consists of a great many individual choices. So you largely decide what your package of employee benefits looks like. Read more about all the possibilities in “Employee Benefits”.