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Lead JavaScript Engineer

You design and build innovative solutions that give banks and insurers a head start in their new digital world.

Lead Javascript Engineer

  • Working hours: 40 hours or whatever you would like;

  • Workplace: Amsterdam;

  • Experience: professional.

Working at a fantastic and pleasant place where you can do more than just software developing. You will be learning, developing yourself, organizing events and even speak on congresses. And you will have the best Friday afternoon drinks at our office in Amsterdam (post-COVID of course).

Your job as a Lead Javascript Engineer in one paragraph

You have a passion for innovation and know how to use your coding skills to give large banks and insurers a solid lead in the digital world. You will work in multidisciplinary teams on innovative solutions. You advise our clients on technology during a sprint zero and implement the solution with your Blue Harvest engineering team.

Your Home Base at Blue Harvest

The story is well known in the engineering community of the Netherlands: 4 years ago Blue Harvest began with 2 top engineers, with awesome EQ skills. Now we have grown to 65 engineers and have successfully helped our clients as software engineers.

Now it is time for the next step in the Blue Harvest story: start a data engineering team. The Blue Harvest data team is being set up now and you can be part of this growth and adventure! And maybe in 4 years, we can proudly look back at 2021 and think about the glorious start of the data team of Blue Harvest!


  • Cold feet? No idea what that is. With us, you get a permanent contract immediately.

  • All You Can Train with no strings attached.

  • A generous holiday allowance and enough time (26 days) to spend it.

  • A fully paid pension, so you will remember Blue Harvest with a fond smile in your old age.

  • Work wherever you want on a device of your choice with our connectivity allowance.

  • Your first necessity as a professional: a fast laptop and a SIM card that you can also use privately.

  • And of course an appropriate salary. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Why is this job vacancy a good fit for you?

At Blue Harvest we do not have any open positions. You must be thinking: “What I am applying for then?” Well, every candidate is unique for us and we look at you individually. We look at your technical skills, cultural fit and your social and emotional talents! Together we shape and create the perfect role for you.
Well, we ask you to come prepared and would like to hear your story and see what you have in your “rucksack” already. Tell us about:

  • Your latest and greatest project (using JavaScript) you’ve developed;

  • Your story on how you work with e.g. SystemJS or NodeJS;

  • Your experience with different UI frameworks and what you have learned working with them;

  • Your view on the pros and cons of working in an Agile environment;

  • A situation that shows your strong communication skills and ability to present ideas;

  • Your story on what is the advantage of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery;

  • Your vision on how to apply testing.

Working at Blue Harvest

Get the future you want. We make that promise to you. That starts on day one. With good onboarding and structured and transparent development paths. But also: plenty of opportunities to deviate from that, to pioneer and to choose your own career path. You can count on our boundless trust and collegial support. Working at Blue Harvest also means working in the international heart of innovation. The premier league of technology. An employer that considers your needs while focusing on the future, in which sustainability, diversity and inclusion play a key role.

Do you see your future at Blue Harvest?

Then we would like to get to know you. Have the following documents ready to add to your application:

  • CV;

  • Motivation.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Matin Abbasi, +31611854269, matin.abbasi@capgemini.com

Contact Tim van Beek

Application process

Fill in the most important details in our application form and you will receive a response from us within a week.
Intake by phone
We will contact you by telephone to get acquainted and ask you a few questions
Interview with a recruiter and / or business
During this conversation we want to get to know you, but of course you also have the space to ask your questions and get to know us.
Coding assignment
We are curious about your coding skills, so we will present you with a challenging coding assignment.
Interview with the business
The relevant department where you will work will also be happy to speak with you to determine if there is a match.
We are enthusiastic and already make you an offer.
One more hurdle to go. You are invited for an assessment.
Get started
Welcome to your first working day at Capgemini!

Do you see your future at Capgemini?

Then we would like to get to know you.