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Senior JavaScript Engineer

You design and build innovative solutions that give banks and insurers a head start in their new digital world.

Senior JavaScript Engineer

You design and build innovative solutions that give banks and insurers a head start in their new digital world.

Blue Harvest

It all began with two top level engineers with awesome coding and social skills! They built a startup within Capgemini comprising a new breed of highly skilled, emotionally intelligent engineers. They started with a lot of energy and positivism, and within 1 year they have grown the unit to 20 people. In the past year, Blue Harvest has successfully delivered several challenges, innovating for their clients within the Financial Services department of Capgemini. You want to be part of the action? Then keep on reading!

What will you be doing?

You have a passion for innovation and know how to use your coding skills to give large banks and insurers a solid lead in the digital world. You will work in multidisciplinary Agile teams on innovative solutions. Your advice and POC will amaze our customers and they will want this to be implemented as soon as possible. Together with us you will determine the standards of sound software engineering.

You will have a complete playground/garage at your disposal where you have access to the latest application frameworks, cloud technologies, experts and relevant customer use stories. This is where you can really bring live to your hackathon prototype babies that just needed a little more TLC.

How do you qualify?

Well, we ask you to come prepared and would like to hear your story and see what you have in your “rucksack” already. Tel us about:
• Your latest and greatest project (using JavaScript) you’ve developed;
• Your story on how you work with front-end or back-end;
• Your experience with different UI frameworks and what you have learned working with them;
• Your view on the pros en cons of working in an Agile environment;
• A situation that shows your strong communication skills and ability to present ideas;
• Your story on what is the advantage of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery;
• Your vision on how to apply testing.

Our offer

Of course, you will get a competitive salary with other interesting benefits. But more importantly you will work at a fantastic and pleasant place where you can do more than just software development. You will be learning, developing yourself, organizing events and even speak on congresses. And you will have the best Friday afternoon beers in Amsterdam at our WeWork office where you can connect to other cool startups.

Are you ready to harvest and do you think you are the next Senior Javascript Engineer we are looking for? Do not hesitate to contact our Recruiter Matin Abbasi, +31611854269, matin.abbasi@capgemini.com.

Application process

Fill in the most important details in our application form and you will receive a response from us within a week.
Intake by phone
We will contact you by telephone to get acquainted and ask you a few questions
Interview with a recruiter and / or business
During this conversation we want to get to know you, but of course you also have the space to ask your questions and get to know us.
Coding assignment
We are curious about your coding skills, so we will present you with a challenging coding assignment.
Interview with the business
The relevant department where you will work will also be happy to speak with you to determine if there is a match.
We are enthusiastic and already make you an offer.
One more hurdle to go. You are invited for an assessment.
Get started
Welcome to your first working day at Capgemini!

Do you see your future at Capgemini?

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