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Infrastructure Services in Healthcare and Life Science as Young Professional

Vacancies for this combination
Infrastructure Services
Healthcare and Life Science
Young Professional

What we do in Infrastructure Services

We help our clients to innovate, experiment and upscale faster, precisely as the market demands of them.
For instance, we combined DevOps and the cloud by creating an application with IBM Bluemix PaaS for a new online service from a courier. We can very easily continue to implement new expansions in order to further improve the service. Or what about an optimal user-focused and connected work place, entirely secure and flexible?


If you start work with us, we offer you various masterclasses. This is a training program which teaches you everything you need to know for your first assignment. Even if you have more experience, there are ample opportunities to continue your development. The training courses offered include:

  • Certified Cloud Security Professional – CCSP
  • DevOps training
  • Scrum
  • Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF)
  • Information Security Foundation

This is just a selection from all the possibilities. Our All-you-can-train program gives you access to hundreds of courses and training opportunities.

Could Infrastructure Services be an interesting option for you?

Direct contact with the client and helping them be able to do the work as well as possible is what gives you satisfaction. The fact that you also work as part of a fun team is just the icing on the cake. You get the chance to connect solutions, services and suppliers. And in doing so you realize integrated solutions, fully implemented within the IT infrastructure.