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'You're immediately taken seriously here, even if you're just starting out'

By: Emily van der Haagen
Before and during her internship at Capgemini, Emily attended various in-house days at other companies as well. After all, the grass could be slightly greener on the other side, right? Following her internship, Emily nevertheless decided to stay and she is now very happy to be working as a management consultant at Capgemini Invent. So why did she stay and what is she doing now? Keep reading to find out.

You started working at Capgemini via your internship. But how exactly did you end up in here the first place?

“I studied Business Administration in Rotterdam and then started my Master’s in Business Information Management. After studying business, consultancy is a fairly logical step. I also really liked the IT aspect. Those interests quickly led me to Capgemini. I eventually connected with Capgemini Invent through a workshop at Erasmus University.”

You also looked at other companies. Why did you choose Capgemini, then?

“I attended numerous in-house days and workshops within a short period of time. I enjoyed getting an inside look at all the companies and saw a lot of similarities between them. The people everywhere were really nice, but the companies did differ in terms of content and the type of people working there. The timing was ultimately the main deciding factor. At the exact moment that I was looking for an internship for my thesis, Capgemini was at an event that was being held. In the end, Capgemini was also the only company that actually gave me a follow-up call after the event.”

Did you always want to go into the consultancy field?

“No. In fact, I didn’t really know what I wanted. That’s why I started studying Business Administration. It’s quite a broad field. I was mostly interested in variety within a job and contact with clients, so that’s what I was looking for. This led me to consultancy rather quickly. I also knew that I could learn a lot in this field.”


After your internship, you ultimately ended up staying at Capgemini. What exactly do you do now?

“I work as a management consultant in the Artificial Intelligence & Automation Strategy team, focusing mainly on value management. Our tasks include working on business cases for large firms that have to make a decision or want to look at what they are going to invest in.”

Sounds good! Were you immediately thrown into the deep end?

“No. Since I hadn’t done any actual consultancy work during my internship, I first started training as a young professional at The Institute. I really enjoyed it. The program lasted two months, and I immediately traveled to Berlin and Munich with the rest of the new young professionals. During the ‘green week’, we stayed in Utrecht. This way you to get to know everyone very well while also receiving great guidance.”

What kinds of projects do you work on?

“That depends a bit on what is available. When you’re just starting out, your tasks are somewhat broader anyway and you still have to figure out which position is right for you. For example, I’m currently on assignment at ING in the role of project manager. That means I mostly bring structure to the team in terms of meetings and schedules. For now it’s still a lot of administrative work, but fortunately I’m being given more and more innovation-related tasks in my role.”

What do you like most about your work?

“That I’m immediately taken seriously even though I’m just starting out. Sometimes I might still have the feeling that I don’t know everything, but the expectations are nevertheless there. Others really listen to me as well. I also think it’s great that I can build an entire network and get to know lots of people.”

You are the only Capgemini employee working on this assignment. Don't you miss your team at Capgemini?

“Yes, sometimes. But in the end, everyone is assigned to a project and busy working on their own thing. So if you're here during the week, it doesn’t make much of a difference either. You mostly have to be around on Fridays, when a large number of the consultants are at the office. For my next assignment, though, I think it would be nice to work on the same project with several colleagues.”

Do you take part in activities with colleagues outside of work?

“Definitely! Take the colleagues I started with at The Institute, for example: we’ve become quite close and we regularly meet outside of work. I actually see them as friends now, too. As a matter of fact, we’re having dinner together tonight. Capgemini Invent also organizes a lot of activities. We’ve already had a few events with my team in Germany and Austria, like the Christmas party last year. I myself organize various activities with Next (Young Capgemini Invent) as well, like the Friday afternoon drinks, and I help with the organization of the CapCup. So yes, I do plenty!”

Final question: Would you also recommend that others do an internship or work here?

“Definitely. You really have a lot of freedom here, and it’s especially ideal for an internship. You get to know the team in advance and lower the barrier for joining the company later on. After all, you don’t even have to apply for a position, which I saw as a big plus. You still have to take the assessment, of course, and go through the other interviews that are part of a direct job application process. In addition, the atmosphere here is very welcoming and you’re given good coaching. There’s little hierarchy, the culture is great and you click with people right away. So yes, I would really recommend it.”

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