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Working on mobility

Waiting a long time for the bus, metro, tram or train? No one likes that– especially not in the pouring rain or on a cold winter day. In these cases it’s nice if you know that the next one will arrive within ten minutes. Capgemini was asked to help the largest transport company in the Netherlands implement this new schedule.

'High-frequency track' program

Previously, the Dutch government developed a national program to increase the number of trains per hour in the Randstad within a few years. The target was one train every ten minutes. This was no easy task for the transport company involved, and numerous questions were raised. Wasn’t the railway system already stretched to its limits anyway? With trains running so closely together, after all, even the smallest issue could shut the entire network down. It was a high-stakes endeavor, but an interesting challenge nevertheless.

10-minute schedule

Those involved spent a few years working on a blueprint for this schedule. Because there is an entire hourly pattern behind it that is based on a certain regularity, this type of new schedule can’t be created in a day, of course. Once it had been put on paper and technically entered into all systems, it was time to see how it worked in real life: in other words, the implementation. This was the part where Capgemini came in.

So much more than just changing the train times

The management consultant from Capgemini advised and supported the program team throughout the entire implementation process. Making a plan is one thing, but how do you approach the implementation of such a project? How do you inform the passengers? And what kinds of agreements do you make with all the parties involved, such as passenger organizations, the government, inspection authorities and the railway infrastructure manager? Increasing the frequency of trains also leads to more crowds. How do you get people on and off the train as quickly as possible? And how do you ensure that all passengers can safely leave the platform at the same time? These are all questions that our management consultant worked on and helped with.

Does this type of complex challenge sound like something for you?

As you can see, implementing a new schedule is not that easy and numerous aspects are involved. But that’s exactly what makes such a job at a large, complex organization so interesting. As a management consultant, you make a positive contribution to society as well. After all, you’re helping to create sustainable transportation. What more could you ask for?

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