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Work Stress Week at Capgemini

Did you know that every year, more than a million people run the risk of burnout or another work-related psychological illness? Stress at work is the number 1 occupational illness. That is why we are devoting extra attention to the topic of stress this week during Work Stress Week.

Why 'Work Stress Week'?

Over the past several years, work stress as a reason for absence has risen to 20 percent* of total absence. In addition, 16 percent* of employees experience burnout symptoms. Reason enough to devote more attention to this, therefore. That is why we are observing Work Stress Week this year for the fifth time. This is an initiative of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. We embrace this excellent initiative and would like to participate.

Walks, workshops and massages

A delicious piece of fruit when you arrive at work or a workshop on “creating energy.” During Work Stress Week, we raise awareness among our employees about stress and stress prevention in all sorts of ways. Colleagues will be able to participate in various activities from November 12 to November 16. This could include enjoyable lunchtime walks, with tours touching on the history, architecture and future plans for the Leidsche Rijn area, a relaxing chair massage or various workshops focused on nutrition, boosting energy, an active work lifestyle & relaxation outside of work hours.

How relaxed are you?

Alongside the various activities, colleagues will also receive an energy dot at the start of this week. This small sticker shows how relaxed or how stressed you are based on your hand temperature. Has the dot taken on a green, blue or purple hue? Then you are nice and zen. But if the dot tends towards yellow, amber or even black, you may be a bit stressed. Gaining insight into the moments your body experiences stress allows you to better anticipate these. And possibly prevent the stress.

Continuing on after 'Work Stress Week' as well

We can imagine it can sometimes be difficult to find a balance in the work. Alongside work, perhaps you also have responsibilities in terms of childcare, running the household, exercise and a social life. It is important to us that our employees feel comfortable. That is why we devote attention to their health not only during Work Stress Week, but throughout the year For example, with our vitality plan, the health check, ergonomic workstations, help with stress and an extensive sports program.

*Want to know more about “Work Stress Week”? Visit the website ‘En route to sustainable employability’.