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'Trying out new things. That's what really makes me happy!'

Thijs loves cabaret, steak and travel. That is what drives him and what gets him out of bed in the morning. But what actually makes his work so fun? And why did he opt for Capgemini? Thijs talks more about this in this blog.

Tell us briefly. What is your background?

“I studied marketing management, a kind of commercial psychology. So what moves consumers to make choices, for instance. It was very interesting, but I realized it was not really what I wanted to continue. I wanted to do something more tangible. That is why after graduation, I started working at a small business that helps other organizations automate their marketing processes by implementing marketing technologies.”

I understand that you did not immediately think of Capgemini as 'such a cozy company.' So why the move?

“Haha, that’s true. I really enjoyed working at the marketing agency. A small, informal company with after-work drinks until the wee hours every Friday night. So no, it wasn’t that I was looking for a more sociable atmosphere. But at Capgemini, I would have the opportunity to continue to grow and to learn new things. That was the main reason for me to move to a corporate organization.”

But what do you make of the sociable atmosphere here then?

“The tone is a bit more professional at Capgemini, of course, but Insights & Data (I&D), the department where I work now, is actually just like a small company within Capgemini. You know everyone and we also regularly organize drinks. So it is certainly cozier than I initially expected.”

You are a customer value analytics consultant. That is quite a mouthful, but what do you do exactly?

“If you translate it literally, a customer value analytics consultant analyzes all sorts of customer data. But what I mainly do and aspire to is to create real-time dialogue with the customer. So making sure that an organization is and remains relevant for the consumer at all times. For instance, are you looking for a new pair of jeans today? You may have already bought those by tomorrow. Or you may have reconsidered and decided to buy a jacket instead. It is therefore crucial that an organization anticipate the consumer’s needs precisely at the right moments.”

So, what you are actually trying to do is read the consumer's mind?

“Yes, exactly. Or kind of. What we are mainly trying to do is predict certain actions by consumers. And we do that largely on the basis of all the consumer data available. So data are enormously important.”

“It is crucial that an organization anticipate the consumer’s needs precisely at the right moments.”

What really makes you happy in your work?

“Trying out new things. I find innovation, innovative ideas and all the new technology that is on the rise now very interesting. More and more is becoming possible. It means you can think that much further and do new things. That makes it very enjoyable.”

Are there also things you find less enjoyable?

“You have to constantly show initiative and that is not always easy. Especially if you don’t have an assignment at the particular moment. Then it sometimes takes effort to continue to show initiative. On the other hand, you do have the freedom to decide what you do. So you can use the time in between assignments to follow training, for instance.”

As a consultant, you work for different clients. But how do you get assignments?

“How you get assignments differs a bit from department to department. It mainly takes place in dialogue with the department managers and depends on what opportunities arise. You can also create your own opportunities by building up a good network within Capgemini. If you see an assignment that looks interesting to you, you can apply for it. You then go through an intake and it is looked at whether there is a match between you, the client and the assignment. So to some extent, you do have a choice as to what assignments you do.”

What makes working as a consultant so interesting?

“Consultancy is really a fabulous profession. When you’ve just finished your study, you often don’t know exactly what you want to do. Which makes sense, since you don’t know everything yet and also don’t know what the business sector is really like. The variety of assignments means you can quickly become acquainted with the different aspects of the business sector and learn new things. This makes it very interesting, especially for young professionals.”

Final question: Why, in your view, should others opt for Capgemini?

“At Capgemini, your career is not fixed, you really have the room to shape it the way you want to. And you are given the tools to continue to grow. I think that Capgemini’s All-you-can train program, which allows you to follow endless training and courses, is definitely something unique. That is a great advantage of working at Capgemini. And of course the sociable atmosphere!”

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