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The Tony's Chocolonely event


On Thursday November 29, Capgemini hosted the Tony’s Chocolonely event, followed by the annual Tony’s Fair. If you weren’t able to attend, then you definitely missed out. Besides the endless amount of chocolate, there were all sorts of things to see and do as well. Curious? Then read on.

Why was there a Tony's event specially for Capgemini?

Over the last few months, Capgemini employees had the opportunity to take part in a referral campaign. Anyone who came across a Tony’s bar with a winning code would have the chance to get the people around them excited about a career at Capgemini. Did you have a winning code? Then you and a guest were invited to attend the fantastic Tony’s Chocolonely event that was held just for Capgemini last Thursday, as well as the Tony’s Fair that took place afterwards.

A glimpse behind the scenes

Guests began trickling into the Westergas Theater in Amsterdam from about 12:30pm. There was a photo booth at the entrance, ready to capture everyone on film. With a nice cup of coffee or tea in hand – and delicious chocolate in easy reach, of course – the guests turned their attention to Marloes den Hartog-Pauw, recruitment manager at Capgemini, who opened the event. After a short introduction about the unique collaboration between Capgemini and Tony’s, attendees could roam around and visit various little stands to get a special glimpse behind the scenes at Capgemini. They learned all about the Internet of Things and how we use it, listened to colleagues share details about a project for the Aidsfonds (Dutch AIDS Fund), experienced firsthand how Virtual Reality works, and watched colleagues demonstrate different hacking techniques.

The Great Escape Experience

But the day wasn’t just about listening. The Great Escape Experience put all of our guests to work, with each team having to solve a variety of riddles using a large chest full of props. You could cut the tension with a knife as everyone fervently toiled away at all the challenges. These tasks were definitely not easy. The first two teams that managed to solve the riddles and decipher the lock code were then pitted against each other in a nail-biting final. There could only be one winner, after all.

Everything you need to know about fair and delicious chocolate

After an hour of racking their brains, everyone had a chance to relax and recover during an inspiring story told by choco-evangelist Ynzo van Zanten. Do you know why the pieces of a Tony’s bar are different shapes and sizes? Or why milk chocolate has a red wrapper and dark chocolate has a blue one? And, last but not least, that Tony’s Chocolonely traces its origins to the investigative TV program Keuringsdienst van Waarde? Once you hear Ynzo’s story, you’ll never look at chocolate the same way again. Lucky for you, you can read read the whole story on the Tony’s Chocolonely website.

… But wait, there's more!

The Tony’s Chocolonely event at Capgemini was rounded off with a lovely drinks reception where guests chatted about all their new experiences. But the day itself wasn’t over. Following the Capgemini event, all guests were granted entry to the Tony’s Fair as well. And so, with a ticket in their pocket and a goody bag filled with – you guessed it – chocolate, everyone proceeded to the Westergas Factory. This yearly fair featured a presentation of Tony’s annual report (“jaarFAIRslag”) along with plenty of other activities to see and enjoy. The program included various inspirational talks by Tony’s Serious Friends, a real-life choco-theque with a silent disco, and performances by artists such as Chef’Special and Fuse ODG.

Chocolate withdrawal

It’s safe to say that a day full of chocolate is anything but a punishment, and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Now, we can also imagine that reading this story has probably made your mouth water. But if it’s any consolation, just like every good thing has a downside, some of us have noticed our pants suddenly fitting a bit tighter.

Were you unable to attend, but would still like to learn more about what Capgemini does? If so, then check out “Working at Capgemini” or stop by and see us at one of our other inspiring events.