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'A society that sees the kind of impact women have.'

“That is women’s empowerment!”

It should really come as no surprise that our organization is very diverse. After all, “diversity” is one of our most important spearheads. But what does that actually mean in practice? Ananya Deb, senior consultant at Financial Services, is pleased to give us a glimpse into her career.

People often think of IT as 'a guy thing'. What inspired you to pursue a career in IT?

“I grew up during a time in which transformation and digitization played a major role. Things like artificial intelligence, cloud computing and robotics were the popular buzzwords. There seems to be no limit to what human intelligence can achieve in IT. That fascinates me. Now that society is evolving more and more, I want to be part of the action. It also inspires me to be very creative.”

What is your role within Capgemini?

“I work as a senior consultant within Financial Services. I’m currently working on the pension portal for Nationale Nederlanden as a DevOps engineer. In this project we are creating cloud solutions, using Java for back-end development and implementing CICD pipelines.”

What is your secret for striking the right work-life balance?

“The secret is that I am fully aware of the importance of both my work and my private life. So for me, finding a balance wasn’t very difficult. I regularly take time off to fully recharge and enjoy my hobbies, like painting and making Lego models. That helps me to stay productive.”

What is 'women's empowerment', in your opinion?

“I think women’s empowerment is about changing society’s mindset and getting people to see what a huge impact women can have. As soon as we start acknowledging this ourselves, society will do it as well. Good education in various areas is a crucial part of this. I believe that women today have taken sufficient steps in the right direction. In a corporate environment such as the one at Capgemini, I see that everyone is equally competent and the era of gender equality is getting the recognition it deserves.”

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