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Rinske and Mabel look back

Interview with: Rinske Wolters & Mabel Rijpkema

Two years ago, colleagues Rinske Wolters and Mabel Rijpkema both started their careers as management consultants at Capgemini Invent. That initial period has truly flown by, and a few things have changed in the meantime. Here they look back at their time with Capgemini thus far.


“Time sure does fly, Rinske! Do you remember how it felt when you first started working here?”


“Yes, I still clearly remember that I was impressed by the atmosphere, the openness and the genuine interest of my colleagues. From the very first day, I felt truly welcome as part of the Capgemini Invent team. How was it for you?”

“I experienced the same thing. I remember how welcome I felt and how nice I thought it was that everyone really took the time to get to know me over a cup of coffee or tea.”

“I believe new employees still have this same experience. I definitely try to contribute to that and hope that new colleagues get just as warm of a welcome as I did back then. Now we’ve been here for almost two years...”

“These two years have really flown by! It would be fun to look back at everything we’ve done and learned in the meantime.”

“Good plan! How has Capgemini helped you in your personal development, for example?”


“One of the things I think is really great is that you can get feedback about yourself for every project. Feedback is very important to people within Capgemini Invent, and not just during the official evaluation at the end of a project. There is also a strong focus on interim feedback.This allows you to gain insights and learn lessons from different colleagues as well as from clients. In addition, I discuss and analyze the feedback points with my counselor. This gives me a clearer picture of what my areas for development are and how I can enhance my strengths. These conversations with my counselor are extremely valuable for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past two years! How about you?”

“I can relate to a lot of what you’re saying. I think it’s great that we have the space to discover where our expertise lies, build upon it in a targeted manner and develop specific skills. Capgemini has really given me the opportunity to use the academic knowledge I gained about accountability and professionalization during my PhD and apply it in targeted projects. I’m realizing more and more that my strength lies in achieving network cooperation and setting up and carrying out (qualitative) research projects within the public sector.”

“That’s great! What also helps me with my development are the different training programs I follow here, of course. This includes courses aimed at improving my consultancy skills as well as my personal skills. Apart from the standard range of training programs offered for each ‘grade’, you can also complete supplementary training. For example, I myself learned a lot from the Emerging Leadership Program (ELP), which focuses on things like how to make the right impression and how to actively work on developing yourself as a leader.”

“Yes, precisely because of the personal approach in these training programs – such as the possibility to introduce your own business case – you also get the chance to keep working on things that you can immediately apply in day-to-day practice.”

“Definitely! And I try to reincorporate these personal areas for development at the start of a project and actively request feedback.”

“Sometimes it can be difficult to take part in training programs if you’re also working on several projects. The trick is to plan ahead and stick to this planning as much as possible. I’m always happy after I finish a new training course. I feel energized by the new insights I gain. It’s also a great way to get to know colleagues within Capgemini Invent. You meet colleagues from various teams, departments and even other countries.”

“Yeah, I always learn a lot from training courses, too. It’s something that challenges you and makes you reflect. You get a clearer picture of not only yourself, but the things other colleagues within Capgemini are working on as well. Outside of the training programs, learning is also happening all the time. Just look at how much knowledge you can share by eating lunch with colleagues, for instance, or taking the time to have a quick chat during a coffee break.”

“It’s nice to see that we are actually given the space to do these things, and that such a learning culture really does exist. For example, last year our team decided to take the Change Management Foundation exam to strengthen and substantiate our change management approach. I enjoyed doing that together with the team, having informal discussions about the theory and actively seeking to make connections to our daily work within projects.”

“That kind of joint initiative is definitely a good incentive to stay on track, too. It’s much more fun to work towards something as a team. Not all initiatives are work-related, though. Within Capgemini, and especially between colleagues, a great deal of attention is devoted to other (personal) goals. The half-marathon in Utrecht is coming up again soon, and we’ll be participating with a group of colleagues. On that note, at Capgemini you really do get every opportunity to develop yourself in many different areas!”

“That’s for sure! On to the years ahead.”

Do you want to look back on a great career two years from now just like Rinske and Mabel? If so, then consider becoming a management consultant at Capgemini Invent. Curious about the possibilities? Check out our current job openings.