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Politie.nl voted website of the year

On Thursday, November 22, 2018, Politie.nl was voted best website of the year in the category government. No doubt you are wondering what this has to do with Capgemini. Well... quite a lot, actually. Because a number of Capgemini agile teams helped with the development of Politie.nl.  And naturally we are very proud of that.

Not a hat trick, but indeed a third-time winner

The Website of the Year vote takes place every year and organizations from various sectors have a chance at the prize for ‘best website’ or ‘most popular website’ in their sector. If you spend a good deal of time working intensively on a fantastic website, this moment is the icing on the cake, of course. In the weeks preceding the award, the Dutch public was able to vote for their favorite. Politie.nl previously won the Website of the Year award in 2015 and 2016. It received the award this year, too.

The development of a website does not stop after three awards

After having won an award twice, you might think, “well, that’s it done now.” But technology continues to evolve and the demands of website visitors are also constantly changing. Politie.nl also receives about 2.5 million visits per month on average, which it would like to attend to optimally of course. That is why it is all the more important to simply keep moving forward, even after winning awards. And to continue improving the website.

“The goal of Politie.nl is to develop a website that enables the citizen to have more interaction with the police. The website is developed by a scrum team. We started with a minimum viable product (MVP), whereby we immediately went live with the absolute necessities. We then started expanding the site and going live with new functionality once it had been developed. This not only involved technical changes, of course, but also organizational changes. That is why new functionalities only go live on Politie.nl once the processes that touch on this functionality are also in order.”

Patrick de Groot, product owner of the Politie.nl site

What has been improved recently then?

Sometimes there are major changes. Other times minor adjustments. But it is a given that something is always changing on the website. To give you a bit of an idea, here are some examples:

  • The ‘white’ blocks on the main page are loaded dynamically by priority on the pages that are most visited. On the highlighted blocks on the home page, the police can call attention to specific cases, such as missing persons cases.
  • The “Mijn Politie” environment has been updated and gives the opportunity to easily add new functionality. Small adjustments can be implemented quickly, for instance. Citizens can access this environment using their DigiD.
  • Anyone can also easily find their neighborhood police officer and contact an officer in the area quicker.

Cooperation is rewarded

Politie.nl and Capgemini have been working closely for some time on building and developing the website. From Capgemini, a diverse team of consultants works on this subject. The team includes business analysts, back-end developers, front-end developers, UX designers and testers. With this “full stack” of capacities, we can really make the contribution needed to achieve the goal. This third award, like the first and second, is also the fine result of hard work and an excellent intensive partnership.

If you would also like to get to work as a developer, designer, business analyst or tester or in one of our other positions, and work on a fabulous project like this one, then check out ourjob openingsand who knows, you might find your dream job at Capgemini.