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Capgemini will find You!

By: Rose Lueangrachanee, Information Analyst
A couple months after my master graduation, I ran into an amazing opportunity with Capgemini. I have a financial background, and never thought I would be working in the world of IT, but guess what? It’s been almost two years now!

On a Hunt for Capgemini?

Working at a consulting company has always been my dream job but I have to say Capgemini was never on my list! The company had always seemed to be very technical oriented to me, and not financially focused. Suddenly, I received a message from a Capgemini recruiter. He told me who they are seeking and what kind of company Capgemini is. I was excited, but I wanted to learn more about Capgemini before I would officially apply for a position. And guess what that turned into?

The ‘Selection Day'

Things happened very quick and I have to say it was awesome! After a few days of sending my CV and completing all the pre-requisites, I got a call from the recruiter that I was invited for the Selection day! My first feelings with Capgemini were friendliness and the warm welcome I got from the recruiters and my manager. The interviews I had, were different than what I experienced before. The open and friendly culture of Capgemini came to light. Before I realized it, I had conversations with my manager, and it felt amazing when he offered me a contract on the spot. I appreciated how Capgemini enthusiastically looks for you and sees the talents within you.

The Spirit of the Team!

My first days with the team were surprisingly unexpected. The culture within my team is one thing I could wish for; everybody is a family and we always welcome the new members. We are a very international team and it is always funny to share multicultural stories with each other. The vibes within Capgemini is something I believe anyone will love. We work, we support each other, and we make sure everybody connects to one another. Within Capgemini Invent, we have weekly Friday afternoon drinks (VrijMibo in Dutch), where not just one team comes together but everybody! Apart from the vibes and support I get from Capgemini, my Counselor who is my first direct point of contact also supports me in my personal development. Constructive feedback and suggestions for my career improvement are always given to make sure I grow within Capgemini.

What are the Engagements?

Within Capgemini we offer many opportunities, both internal and external. We have different competence groups which are focused in different areas. Capgemini makes sure we are at the forefront of innovation and together with their people are leading the way in the market. Going back to my very first thoughts about Capgemini that the kind of work offered is only ‘tech’ focused, I take my words back. Regardless of what background you have, Capgemini knows where you belong and ensures you are exposed to a variety of experiences. Whether you are interested in Finance, IT, Banks, Regulations, Data, Cyber, Business Processes and you name it, you will never know what you are good at and if you love what you are doing until you do it, that is what I learned from Capgemini.

Nothing like Capgemini!

Capgemini is many things but one thing I always say to my friends and families is the pleasant corporate culture and the nice pack for my career developments.

I am one of the Caps!

A lot of talking about my experience with Capgemini, if you are curious to know about me and perhaps interested in having a coffee and talk more about the opportunities we offer, feel free to reach out to me at rose.lueangrachanee@capgemini.com.