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Capgemini is more than just an employer

By: Marije Merckens, AI & Automation Consultant
Congratulations on your 24th birthday! Here is a job to celebrate! That’s how I got a position at Capgemini. Okay, not quite. It was Friday October 19, 2018: a beautiful, sunny birthday and the day of my job interview. Now, almost a year later, I look back at my career as a young professional at Capgemini and reflect on whether this is also the birthday gift I had hoped for.

Where it all started

The best way to get to know a company is to stop by for a visit. That is exactly what I did in the spring of 2018. Capgemini organized a Female Talent Day, where various female speakers came to share their experiences. On that day I saw a group of women who told inspiring stories, supported each other and lifted each other up. I had no idea yet what I wanted to do, but I knew one thing for certain: I wanted to be in a place where I would be inspired and supported.

The moment of truth

Six months later, I had interviews with various recruiters to find the job that was right for me. Once I had found the perfect position, I applied to Capgemini Invent. One of my favorite parts of the interview process was when I had to wait in the cafeteria during the lunch break. I was sitting by myself at a large table, and before I knew it I was having the most amazing conversations with a team that came to sit with me. That moment made me feel so welcome that I actually couldn’t wait to start at Capgemini.

The buddy system

Before my first workday, I was assigned a “buddy”: this is someone who has also been recently hired and therefore knows exactly what you are going through. You can ask your buddy anything, no matter how awkward the question may be. Like my most important question: what kind of clothing do you wear to the office? (The answer: business casual.)

The Institute

In addition to having a buddy, another Capgemini Invent tradition is to spend each week working in a different location during the first two months. This includes visiting offices in Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna and Utrecht. It’s an intensive program in which you are trained as a consultant and receive constant feedback from experienced colleagues. During this time I formed close friendships, worked hard and learned that no one – really, no one – uses APA style in the working world (thanks, five years of university!). All in all, the program gives you an informative start without completely throwing you into the deep end.

Help with personal development

Alongside the support of your buddy and guidance at the Institute, you are assigned a counselor as well. This is someone within your team whom you can talk to about anything and who helps you with your personal and professional development. They are a sort of mentor whom you can turn to for career advice and to ask confidential questions.

The vibe

What I like most about Capgemini is the vibe both inside and outside the building. A few months ago, a stranger approached me on the train. He recognized my bag and water bottle, and asked if I worked at Capgemini. We started talking and since then we’ve been traveling to and from work together almost every day!

Was it a good gift?

Coming back to my question of whether this was the birthday gift I had hoped for, the answer is no. It was even more than I could have ever imagined. Aside from offering great opportunities, a good start to your career, excellent working conditions and an atmosphere in which you can always keep developing yourself, these were not the reasons why I chose Capgemini. Capgemini is more than an employer: it’s a (supportive) culture that I am happy to be a part of.

Who am I?

My name is Marije. As it says in my Instagram bio, I’m a millennial, an ice cream lover, an adventurer, a dancer and an AI Consultant. I studied Psychology in Leiden, completed a minor in Justice, Law & Society in the United States and earned a Master’s degree in Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence in Tilburg. And now? Now I work as an AI & Automation Consultant at Capgemini Invent.

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