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Aishwarya Dhall named Young Professional of the Year

Yesterday evening, the 2018 Young Professional of the Year Award competition was held: an annual event in which various young standouts in their field compete to win a check for €10,000. After a nerve-racking final round, Aishwarya Dhall ultimately came away with the prize.

Record number of applications

Although this marked the fourth year in a row that the Young Professional of the Year Award has been organized, it was the first time that all of Capgemini Nederland took part in the competition. This fact was also clearly reflected in the record number of applications received this year. A whopping 87 young professionals were nominated by their manager or colleagues.

From twenty-four to eight

Out of all the applicants, 24 young professionals submitted a motivation statement. After all, only those who expressed their motivation could truly have a chance at taking home the €10,000 grand prize. Based on these motivation statements, the ten-member jury eventually narrowed the field down to eight candidates. In making its decision, the jury examined each candidate’s development over the past year as well as their contribution to projects and any additional efforts beyond their normal work activities. Quite a big task, as you can imagine.

‘The final pitch'

This year Aishwarya Dhall, Erdem Tekin, Guillaume Boog, Jannes de Haan, Jelle Scholtens, Mazin Inaad, Menno Bruijn and Tim van Galien were chosen as the “lucky eight” who would battle it out during the pitch round. Under the watchful eye of the audience, each of the competitors had five minutes to convince the jury of why they deserved to be the winner. After much deliberation by the jury, only three of them made it through to the final.

Close call

During the question round, the three remaining finalists – Aishwarya, Mazin and Tim – had one more chance to shine. Only this time it wasn’t up to the jury, but to the audience to select the winner. For a long time the vote totals were the same across the board, as was the tension among the finalists. Yet it was Aishwarya who came out ahead of all seven of her male competitors in the final and, filled with joy, collected the check for €10,000.

What to do with €10,000?

The winner of the Young Professional of the Year Award can spend the prize money however they wish. There are some exclusions, however, like faraway vacations, extravagant shopping sprees or a new car. The funds are intended to help the winner further develop themselves as a true professional in their field. This could mean using the money to enroll in summer school abroad, attend an interesting tech event or purchase new technologies. Aishwarya certainly has plenty of ideas, but for now she’s taking a moment to savor the victory and recover from what proved to be a nail-biting evening.

Would you like to compete for next year’s Young Professional of the Year Award? If so, then take a look at our current job openings and, who knows, it could be you up there on stage next year!
f.l.t.r. Menno Bruijn, Mazin Inaad, Jannes de Haan, Tim van Galien, Aishwarya Dhall, Guillaume Boog, Jelle Scholtens en Erdem Tekin.