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Colleagues' stories

Curious about how people experience working at Capgemini? What kinds of projects they work on and what they really enjoy about their work? Then by all means, read their stories.

From philosopher to national-level risk manager
Fresh out of university and starting on a major assignment right away— not to mention one that also has a significant impact. That can be quite a challenge! Nino Mulder knows all the ins and outs of being a junior management consultant. What is the first week like in this role? He tells us all about it in his blog.
Want to take over my job as Corporate Recruiter?
After two internships and 2.5 years as a corporate recruiter at Capgemini, I am taking my next step in the organization. Which means a fine job as recruiter will be opening up on the corporate recruitment team. Are you looking to take a new step in your career? Then by all means, keep reading. I would love to tell you about my experiences.
My first week at Capgemini Invent
Exciting, your very first day at your very first employer. I still remember it well, Monday, May 1, 2017 (Labor Day, ironically). Curious about what a first week at Capgemini Invent is like? In this blog, I take you day by day through what you can expect.
“You can address the CEO informally here”
He had never heard of Capgemini before. But that did not stop Mustafa El Barnichi, now a business intelligence consultant, from starting his graduate internship at Capgemini. How did he end up here and why did he stay on after his internship? He tells us all about it.