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Colleagues' stories

Curious about how people experience working at Capgemini? What kinds of projects they work on and what they really enjoy about their work? Then by all means, read their stories.

Capgemini is more than just an employer
Congratulations on your 24th birthday! Here is a job to celebrate! That’s how I got a position at Capgemini. Okay, not quite. It was Friday October 19, 2018: a beautiful, sunny birthday and the day of my job interview. Now, almost a year later, I look back at my career as a young professional at Capgemini and reflect on whether this is also the birthday gift I had hoped for.
A day in my life as a managing consultant
For a managing consultant, no two days are alike. Sometimes it can even be quite hectic. Getting the kids ready for school, catching the train on time and preparing for a meeting and training session with the client along the way. Colleague Lonneke van Schaik knows all about it, and here she shows us what a day in her life is like.
“You’re immediately taken seriously here, even if you’re just starting out”
Before and during her internship at Capgemini, Emily attended various in-house days at other companies as well. After all, the grass could be slightly greener on the other side, right? Following her internship, Emily nevertheless decided to stay and she is now very happy to be working as a management consultant at Capgemini Invent. So why did she stay and what is she doing now? Keep reading to find out.
Rinske and Mabel look back
Two years ago, colleagues Rinske Wolters and Mabel Rijpkema both started their careers as management consultants at Capgemini Invent. That initial period has truly flown by, and a few things have changed in the meantime. Here they look back at their time with Capgemini thus far.