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Colleagues' stories

Curious about how people experience working at Capgemini? What kinds of projects they work on and what they really enjoy about their work? Then by all means, read their stories.

Translator between the two worlds: the users and builders
Rolling out an innovative pension administration system, together with a new operational organisation: to realise these ambitious plans, Capgemini needed someone with a lot of experience in pension operations. And especially: someone who knew what not to do.
‘This project taught me so much that I now teach others about Vue’
It was her very first job as a junior front-end developer: helping to build an app for ABN AMRO. And in the process, she learned so much about Vue that she now trains others how to use it.
My Virtual Onboarding at Capgemini Invent
My name is Daphne Hermans and I joined Capgemini Invent NL in November 2020 as a Senior Consultant within the Brand & Experience Team. Read on to find out more about my fully digital start.
Capgemini thanks its success to its inclusive and diverse workforce
Suryanshu Goswami, expert in Digital Transformation and Innovation at Capgemini tells his story on how important it is to support employees when the goal is to create diversity and inclusivity. Read the interview and get inspired by Suryanshu!