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Colleagues' stories

Curious about how people experience working at Capgemini? What kinds of projects they work on and what they really enjoy about their work? Then by all means, read their stories.

The only way to achieve gender equality is by putting equality into practice
There is no point in beating about the bush: As a woman working in the world of IT you are part of a minority. Yet, the male to female ratio is shifting within our organisation. We spoke to Laura Osinga and Kevin Goedee who explained exactly what the gender community within Capgemini does.
Business architecture is a wonderful profession, including for women
As the chair of the ‘Women in Architecture’ community, Brigitte van Starrenburg takes the lead in efforts to achieve greater diversity among this occupational category. Brigitte introduces us to Capgemini’s Women in Architecture community.
Infrastructure as Code
Infrastructure as Code has been a familiar concept for over 20 years, but in the last couple of years the need for it has increased considerably. According to Wouter van der Linde, an experienced Java developer at Capgemini, this has everything to do with the ever-growing popularity of cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.
Capgemini is more than just an employer
Congratulations on your 24th birthday! Here is a job to celebrate! That’s how I got a position at Capgemini. Okay, not quite. It was Friday October 19, 2018: a beautiful, sunny birthday and the day of my job interview. Now, almost a year later, I look back at my career as a young professional at Capgemini and reflect on whether this is also the birthday gift I had hoped for.