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Colleagues' stories

Curious about how people experience working at Capgemini? What kinds of projects they work on and what they really enjoy about their work? Then by all means, read their stories.

Capgemini will find you!
A couple months after my master graduation, I ran into an amazing opportunity with Capgemini. I have a financial background, and never thought I would be working in the world of IT, but guess what? It’s been almost two years now!
Capgemini is more than just an employer
Congratulations on your 24th birthday! Here is a job to celebrate! That’s how I got a position at Capgemini. Okay, not quite. It was Friday October 19, 2018: a beautiful, sunny birthday and the day of my job interview. Now, almost a year later, I look back at my career as a young professional at Capgemini and reflect on whether this is also the birthday gift I had hoped for.
I'm in the Gap Year program at Capgemini Invent. Interested in joining, too?
As a junior management consultant at Capgemini Invent, I am currently taking part in the Gap Year program: a program that gives you the opportunity to work as a fully-fledged management consultant within Capgemini Invent, in between your Bachelor’s and Master's studies. So what exactly do I do? Keep reading to find out.
From philosopher to national-level risk manager
Fresh out of university and starting on a major assignment right away— not to mention one that also has a significant impact. That can be quite a challenge! Nino Mulder knows all the ins and outs of being a junior management consultant. What is the first week like in this role? He tells us all about it in his blog.